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LX2610, B2650 - B3350.  Exhaust, Open Station Tractors.

NEW to our accessory line of quality items is the exhaust extension for the Kubota B2650 / B3350 & the LX2610  non cab model tractors.

Customers have been complaining about the exhaust soot getting over the lower portions of their front end loader (FEL) and making a terrible mess which they spend many hours trying to clean off.

There's another down side to the soot getting on the fel. The soot and the heat from it will cause the fel hydraulic lines to deteriorate then they will crack and eventually leak causing extra cost to replace and the dreaded down time that goes with it.

The fix is easy. Take 10 minutes to install our computerized bent exhaust extension that requires NO drilling, comes with all mounting hardware and a welded bracket that fits your tractor.

This will greatly reduce the possibility of the mess from the soot and the lines from rotting out and crazing.

NOTE: Will NOT fit tractors equipped with

 swift -tach loaders or front mounted snowblower attachment or Mid belly mower.

Cost $85.00 USD Shipping Included.

Ships to US & Canada Only. ( Canadians please Email / Tel to purchase )

To Order by phone email / Tel.

Tel # 709-786-3348

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