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B2301 - B2601 Step. Fits tractors with MMM
Kubota B2601 mid mount mower. B2601 mid mount mower step. Kubota mowers. MMM step. Messicks. Paul short. Kioto. John Deere..Kubota L6060 50th Anniversary tractor.Kubota B2601 step. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
             Pictures curiosity of Keith. P, TN USA
.Kubota 50th Anniversary L6060. Bronco. Led Lights. Kubota Parts.Kubota tractor step. Kubota mid mount mower
. Kubota led light. Kubota tractor step led light. Messicks. Kubota parts.Kubota Mid Mount mower. B2601
Optional Led Light Sold Separately. Demoed on Standard Step. Picture by Chris. B, PA USA

It's finally here. Our new Mid Mount mower Ez on Step. Built strong and built to last.

Now you don't need to be stepping on your mower deck to get on your tractor.

This step will compliment your tractor and it's not only very functional but also a super cool custom mod.

Will fit the Kubota B2301 / B2601 with our sub frame mounting bracket and is direct mounting with no drilling

Also note our standard step is a direct bolt on to our custom B Series adapter mounting kit, so in the future if you need a lower step when the mmm is not installed then it's available to purchase. Sold Separately.

NOTE: Price includes required sub-frame bracket.

$380.00 USD shipping included ( 1 step & 1 subfrsme Kit )

$560.00 USD Shipping Included. ( 2 Steps & 1 Subframe Kit )

Ships to US & Canada Only.  Canadians please Email / Tel to purchase.

Some folks like to purchase both steps because on occasion they

remove the mmm and then require a lower step, Especially in winter.

Request our optional waterproof Led Light for your step at time of ordering and

it will come installed on your new step. $40.00 usd for optional led light.


Email / Tel to order by phone.

# 709-786-3348

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