Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

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Owners with the Kubota L2501 / LA525 will tell you they don't like having to grab their steering wheel to mount and dismount their tractors. It  puts the steering wheel and steering shaft under a lot of strain that can cause premature wear or even all out breakage. 
We have developed a new more comfortable and safer way to get on and off your tractor with our new operators assist bar. No need to even touch the steering wheel anymore and anyone with mobility issues will even appreciate this new mod even more. 
Easy install using two existing bolts on the tractor. It's a ten minute install folks with a 15/16th wrench or socket. 
Also fits L3301 / L3901 with LA525

Price: $239.  USD plus shipping
For more info, send Kathy an email and get yours today.
Contact Kathy here for more info.  Email:  specialtyrepairssales@gmail.com