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Rops Assist Grab Handle. 2 x 3 Rops

Here is our newly designed ROPS Assist Handle. This handle attaches to ROPS measuring 2" X 3" and once installed it will assist you getting up on your backhoe.

Will fit any tractors with the 2" X 3" ROPS so measure before ordering.

If your ROPS measures 1.5" X 3" then you'll need our BX ROPS Assist Handle which you will find in the BX section of our site.

Price: $145.00 USD Shipping Included.

Ships to US & Canada Only.  Canadians please Email / Tel to purchase.

Email / Tel to order by phone.

# 709-786-3348

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rops grab handle. Bubota BX23s L2501. L6060. B3200
2 x 3 Rops Assist Grab Handle.
Paul short. BX23s. BX25D. L2501. L6060.LX2610.L2601. BX2380
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