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 We sell one of a kind Kubota Tractor Accessories, that we call Mods.

 Designed & Manufactured by us from concept to finished product.

 Click on the " Kubota Tractor Mods " Link to locate your model tractor.

All Accessories are stocked items and ship within 24 hrs unless otherwise noted.
Our Story

Hello and thank you for stopping by our web site. We are Paul and Kathy Short. We design and manufacture Kubota tractor accessories that we like to call mods. 

Paul spent thousands of hours as a heavy equipment operator many years ago and always loved the smell of diesel. 

Later on in life we moved to another part of our province where we started our own business called “Specialty Repairs”. There we did automotive repairs and also welding and machining. 

We purchased our first tractor from Newfoundland Kubota Limited in 2008 and from there we started designing our own mods for it. We then bought other Kubota tractors from them and did the same which eventually led to a new company and one in which we love and that’s “ Specialty Repairs Custom Mods”. We’ve been in the mod business since 2017 and have sold our products practically all over the world at this point. 

All our products are designed by us, built by us and tested by us. Our goal is to make each and every mod look as if they came with the tractor and look as if they where always there. 

We have a state of the art facility and take great pride in our work and in our products. Each and every mod is hand built by us, carefully packaged with fast and efficient, friendly service. 

We’re confident you’ll love our products and enjoy modding your Kubota with them. 

Our Motto is “ Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude”

We hope to hear from you soon.

Paul & Kathy Short

Get in touch to place your order. We look forward to your email.

or call # 709-786-3348

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