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A Word From The Mod Father

Some have asked. 

Why don’t you sell full under-plate protection for tractor's? Here are our reasons:

- Full under-plates can cause excessive heat to build up between the tractor components and the under plate and can cause thousands of dollars in damage because of that excessive heat.

- A full under plate and cause debris to build up on top of the plate such as grass, hay, sticks…. and can become a fire hazard because of the limited accessibility you just might lose the tractor due to fire.

- A full underbelly plate can actually cause the tractors engine to over heat because the air flow is greatly restricted.

- Daily inspections of your tractor will become much more difficult due to a full under plate and general servicing is much more difficult because of it. With individual guards you have the protection where you need it and everything we mentioned above does not apply with individual guards. Think before you purchase.

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