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Fire Extinguisher Mount. Cab Tractors

Why do most of us that spend tens of thousands of dollars on our equipment head out each day without a fire extinguisher?
We know the risks and we take the chances think that a fire is always someone else’s problem.
Do yourself a favour and stop taking that risk. If it’s not your fire then you just might help another person that has a fire. Maybe even save a life!

Well Kathy and I at Specialty Repairs Custom Mods developed a specific extinguisher holder that will mount direct to your tractor that’s designed for YOUR tractor with no drilling and literally a 10 minute (or less)  install and it looks like it came with the tractor.
It’s conveniently located for easy and fast access and it has a very industrial build and built to last. It will comfortably take a 2.5 lbs extinguisher and possibly a little larger. Fire Extinguisher not Included.
Order yours today!   Fits MX5400, MX6000 Series Cabbed Tractor.

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$170.00 usd Shipping Included to US.
Ships to US & Canada Only. Canadians Email / Tel to order.
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Email / Tel To Order By Phone.    /     Tel # 709-786-3348
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