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Kubota L6060 Anniversary Fel Line Hose Guard.

Ever get tired of seeing those FEL hydraulic lines on the side of your loader frame? Ever have those connectors damaged by branches or something else hitting them? Want to protect them and make your 60 series tractor look so much better? Our new FEL guard is what you need. Comes with all hardware, main bracket and guard. Fits OEM L60 series tractors. L3560 - L6060

( Painted Kubota Grey after purchase, ships 4-5 days later. )

Note: Please email pictures of your Fel Hydraullic hoses, if not sure if this guard will fit your tractor. WILL NOT FIT TRACTORS EQUIPPED WITH A 3 HOSE, 3rd FUNCTION VALVE. Will Not fit if you have an aftermarket 3rd Function Kit installed on your FEL.  ( Example W.R Long Valve Kit )

Price: $275.00 USD Shipping Included.

    Ships to US & Canada Only Canadians please Email / Tel to purchase

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Tel / Email to order by phone.

Tel # 709-786-3348

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