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Differential Lock Extension Pedal.

Are you tired of trying to find the tiny lever with your foot for your rear differential lock and when you do it's hard to push on? Well we've designed a unique extension that attaches in less than a minute to solve those issues and make using that feature much easier and it also adds a lot of coolness to your tractor having our custom hand built extension.

Will fit Grand L series tractors and other tractors with the same OEM lever that measures 9/16th dia.

L3302 / L3902

Tools needed to install. (1) 1/8th Alan key

Price: $110.00 USD shipping Incl

  Email / Call to place your order - /  Tel # 709-786-3348

Canadians email for detailed quote.

Pictures demoed on various Kubota Tractors.

Differential pedal L3302 L3902 L2501 BX23s
Paul Short. Differential lock pedal. NL Kubota. L3302 L3902 BX23s
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