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BH92 Led Light Bracket.

New bracket that's designed for two 3-4" LED lights. If you've ever been digging on a dark day or in the night time you'd remember that seeing down that hole is almost impossible because the tractor lights just can't get down there. Well with our new bracket you will see down that hole plus they can be used as back up lights when turned on. We supply the bracket and the hardware and you add the lights you want to use.

Your bracket will come primed and painted with bolts.

$115.00 Shipping Included.

Ships to US & Canada Only.  Canadians please Email / Tel to purchase


Tel  / Email to order by phone.

Tel # 709-786-3348

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Led Light Bracket. Kubota L6060. Backhoe 92


               Below  picture shows  led's installed on BX bracket mount.
Kubota L6060. LED Lights
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