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LX Rear LED Light Bar Kit.

If you were looking to add more lighting to your LX by adding an LED light bar and had no way to mount it then we have the answer with our new rear LED light bar mounting system. Custom built brackets, hardware and it looks OEM.

Light up the night with our light bar mounting system.

Note: Will accommodate LED light bars up to 20" long. LED light not included


Price: $250.00 USD Shipping & Handling Included to North America.

Add on our custom " Alley Light bracket kit " Relocates the oem lights too  allow you to move your OEM rear lights sideways

so you can see to the far left or right of the tractor. Sold separately  $40.00 usd set of 2, they attach to our custom rear light bracket kit.

See pictures below.

To Order email / Tel.

Tel # 709-786-3348

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

LX2610 LX3310 Led Lights. Kubota. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

      Custom Rear Led Light Bracket Kit.

Kubota Led Lights. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods. Paul Short

  " Alley Light Kit " Relocates your oem

lights to the side to add extra lighting for added safety.  Sold Separately. 

Kubota Led Lights. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods. Paul Short

               Side view of relocated oem lights.

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