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Fuel Filter Guard

Kubota LX2610 / B2650 - B3350  owners have reported many damaged fuel filters because there is no protection for them where they are located.

Note: We have an LX3310 Fuel Filter guards sold separately.

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new guard that will bolt on to the two existing bolts that are there and this guard will give you some peace of mind knowing your fuel filter is now protected. Ten minutes to install.

Price: $95.00 USD includes shipping & Handling to USA.

To Order email / Tel.

Tel # 709-786-3348

Canadians email for detailed quote:)

. B2650 Fuel Filter. LX3310 Fuel Filter. B2650 Fuel Filter guard.LX2610 B2650 Fuel Filter

           Photos courtesy of Tim. A, Connecticut

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