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Open Station Strobe Light Perch

Designed by us our new ROPS Strobe Light Perch has a super low profile only adding 5/8" to the height of your ROPS. Built strong with two special holding clamps and painted Kubota grey to blend in with your awesome tractor.

 This will fit any ROPS that measures ( " 2 x 3" and can be used for zero turns as well.

Add safety to your machine by adding our perch and your own mini LED strobe light.

Price: $135.00  USD plus shipping to US. Note: Strobe light NOT included

Also available set of 2 led light perch mounts, see link below.

Contact Kathy here for more info or to order.

Canadians email for detailed quote.

Kubota LED Lights. L6060.LX3310. BX23S. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods.
Specialty Repairs Custom Mods. Kubota LED Lights. L6060. L2501. L4701. BX25D.BX2380
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