Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

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We've been asked many times to design a tool box for the Kubota 60 series tractor. Well we did this one for the 6060 and we think it's a nice kit. It may fit others in the 60 series as well. It's designed for the tractors that don't have a backhoeThere was just no extra space back there for a tool box with a back hoe. 
This tool box comes in a kit with everything you need to install on your tractor. An instructional video will be provided to help with the installation. It shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to do it and there's no holes to drill. Now you have some extra space to put your tractor stuff .
Note:  We are always improving designs when we see the need and we are happy to report that this kit has been redesigned so that the rear window will now open once installed.

Price: $254.00  USD Plus shipping.


For ordering information please contact Kathy at specialtyrepairssales@gmail.com