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B2301 - B2601 Ez On Step. ( With Backhoe )

Kubota B series Ez On Step with adapter mounting kit.

Ez On Step and adapter for the Kubota B2601 with backhoe. Easy install. Ten minutes to install and just one hole to drill.

Makes getting on and off machine much easier and safer. Won't fit with MMM, but we have one sold separately.

$380.00 USD shipping included ( 1 step & 1 Mounting Kit )

Some folks like to purchase both steps because on occasion they

remove the mmm and then require a lower step, Especially in winter.

Price for 2 Steps & 1 Mounting Kit. $560.00 USD shipping included to US.

Request our optional waterproof Led Light for your step at time of ordering and

it will come installed on your new step. $40.00 usd for optional led light.

Contact kathy to order.

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

B2601 B2301 Kubota Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Kubota B2601 B2301 LX2610 L6060. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Bronco. 50th Anniversary L6060.Kubota B2601 B2301 L6060 Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
                  Optional Waterproof LED Light.

                  Sold Separately.

                   Photo by Chris. B, PA USA

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