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BRONCO Dash Dress Up Package.

If you own the new full size Ford Bronco you’ll know just how awesome a vehicle it really is. One of the things we felt it needed was to dress up the passengers side dash so we added a mountain, colored Bronco letters and the trees.

Seeing everyone loved what Kathy did here we decided to offer them for a limited time period to other Full size Bronco owners.

Note: This do NOT fit Bronco Sport

Your passengers side dash dress up package will include a three piece kit containing


- One mountain graphic in black. $15.00

- One BRONCO lettering in your colour choice.  $10.00

- One Forest graphic in Black. $15.00

Other colors are available, call / Email  Kathy with your request.

$60. USD - 3 piece set. (Includes $20.00 shipping with tracking number)

Add on the optional Dash Screen Graphic shown below picture 3 for $5.00 usd



Payments by credit / Debit card . Call # 709-786-3348

Bronco Lettering. Bronco Logo. Bronco6G
Bronco Name in " Vivid Blue "
. OBX. Bronco mountain dash graphis decal.Bronco Decals. Bronco letters. Bronc6go
Bronco Dash 3 piece set.  Mountain, Tree Line & Bronco Letters Name.

          " Ocean Blue Shown. "

Thanks Kim. M,  USA for the photo.

Bronco6g. Bronco Logo. Bronco letters.
Beronco decals. Bronco Letters. Bronco6g. OBX Facebook. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods. Paul Short

  2022 Bronco Big Bend  with black / Grey Interior. Silver Dash Graphics

Picture  by SJ, Newfoundland, Canada

Bronco Screen graphic.JPG
Bronco Letters. Bronco dash letters. Bronco6g. Led lights. Paul Short
        Bronco Letter Colour choices

Sapphire Blue, Ocean Blue, Vivid Blue,

Dark Green, Cherry Red, Cyber Orange, Black, Metallic Silver & Grey.

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