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 Fel Tube Cap Covers.

Why not use that empty tube on your FEL by adding our new FEL tube caps.

They come in a set of two. The caps are easy to install and to remove. You can now use the FEL tube on your tractor to hold a chain, tow rope or even a few tools.

Price: $165.00 USD including shipping.

Fits - LA514, LA524, LA525, LA526,  LA854, LA1055, LA1065

Will also fit other tractors. Email with your ID tube measurements.

To order call / Email  Kathy  at  / # 709-786-3348

Canadians Email for detailed quote :)

Kubota L2501, L3901, L4701 Fel caps

Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

                         Step sold Separately.

Kubota L2501, L3901, L4701 tube caps

Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

Kubota L2501, L3901, L4701

Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

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