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If you want to lessen the chance of damaging your HST Filter then you need our HST filter guard.

It will greatly reduce the chance of something hitting your filter causing damage and down time to your tractor.

Easy install. Takes about 5 minutes to do and will come with hardware to install.

Protect your investment. Get yours today.

Price: $140.00 USD Shipping included

Ships to US & Canada Only.  Canadians please Email / Tel to purchase.


Email / Tel to order by phone.   

Tel #709-786-3348

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Paul Short. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods. Kubota hst guard. L3302 L3902
Kubota L3302 L3902 HST filter guard. Paul Short. Specialty Repairs Custom Mods


L2502, L3302 , L3902 HST Filter Guard
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