Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

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OK folks it's time to protect the most vulnerable part of your Kubota 60 Series tractor and that is the 3 rd function pipes that exit the 3rd function valve. These pipes are completely unprotected until now. We have developed the new "3rd Function Grand Guard" that will help protect your tractors 3rd function pipes and prevent downtime and an expensive repair. This guard is very heavy duty made out of 1/4" plate and designed to look as if Kubota themselves made it for this tractor. Very easy to install. Comes with an install video that should take you less than a half an hour to install with only one 3/8th hole to drill. All mounting hardware  included. 

Fits all 60 series tractors. L3560 / L4060 / L4760 / L5060 / L5460 / L6060

Price: $304.00 USD Plus shipping

Email Kathy for shipping quote at: specialtyrepairssales@gmail.com