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MX5400 -  MX6000  Tool Box Kit  ( Cab )

We've been asked many times to design a tool box for the Kubota MX 5400/6000 series tractors. Well we did this one for them and we think it's a nice kit. It may fit others models in the MX series as well.

It's designed for the tractors that don't have a backhoe.

( If you are someone who don't leave your backhoe on full time then you can still have a tool box and remove it when using Backhoe.

This tool box comes in a kit with everything you need to install on your tractor. An instructional video will be provided to help with the installation. It shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to do it and there's no holes to drill.

Now you have some extra space to put your tractor stuff .

Kit includes tool box / Custom mounting kit. Everything you need to install right out of the box.

Price: $255.00 USD Plus shipping.

For ordering information please contact Kathy at

Canadians email for detailed quote :)

MX6000 Tool Box. Rodney Guggenhein, OK USA.JPG
MX6000 TBox Rodney. G.jpg
MX6000 T Box Rodney_edited.png
MX6000 TB, Rodney. G.jpg

Thank You, Rodney. G, Kenner LA for photos.

MX6000 TB, Rodney.jpg
MX6000 Cab Tool Box

Thank You! Rayborn Farms for Photo.

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